4 Interesting Animals You Can Find in South Africa

south africa

South Africa is a biodiversity-rich country that sits at the tip of the African continent. This is where the icy, cold Atlantic Ocean meets the warm, tropical Indian Ocean. It’s an area of land covered in a diversity of animal and plant species and a must-visit destination for any traveller. Approximately 300 mammals and 900 […]

Katerina Plotnikova

Katerina Plotnikova Photography has posted some amazing animal images that claim to not be photo shopped. We c=kind of hope they are, children with bears seem a little risky! In any case the pictures are stunning and truly beautiful. We have no doubt animals and people can live in harmony, sometimes you can just see […]

Meat feeds the EGO

In a world where it is known that eating the meat and flesh of an animal is not healthy. Why would we still eat meat? It’s an interesting physiological study. As natural selection comes into play, all species do what is best to survive without even knowing it. Yet humans with the knowledge to survive better […]

A heart stopping twist on Disney animals.

A New York based artist just release his latest work that includes Disney characters in real life scenarios. The animal ones really resonated here at ALOP. Just amazing and surprisingly real feeling in our hearts. We only hope this will help people get the perspective they need to stop game hunting and treating animals in […]

Cat Soul

If you love animals there is almost no doubt you can feel their spiritual animal connection with people. You can say all you want about cats shedding or meowing but if you have shared a home with one and are in touch with your spiritual side you probably felt something very special. I have had […]