Teens face two charges of animal cruelty after posting cat abuse on YouTube

Lawton_Two Lawton area teens accused of beating a cat and posting it on YouTube over the weekend will be going through the juvenile justice process in Oklahoma.  The 14 and 16-year-old brothers each face two charges of animal cruelty after law enforcement was directed to two videos on Sunday that showed the beating and torture […]

14 of the most endangered species

The red list includes 188 mammals in the highest threat category of critically endangered, including the Iberian lynx (Lynx pardinus), which has a population of just 84-143 adults and has continued to decline due to a shortage of its primary prey, the European rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus) China’s Père David’s deer (Elaphurus davidianus), is listed as […]

Animal Abuse from US military upper staff

One of my good college friends is in Iraq right now. A couple months ago, she told me about Baghdad Pups, a really amazing organization that provides medical care, clearance and transport for the animals U.S. soldiers have come to love during deployment in the Middle East. There are some initiatives that everyone – regardless […]

Man sought for animal abuse video turns himself in

ANAHEIM – A 19-year-old man wanted on six counts of animal cruelty and who had a $10,000 warrant out for his arrest – because of a video posted on MySpace that depicts animals being mistreated – turned himself in this morning, authorities said. The video shows a man swinging a pug by its legs and […]

Dogs help church get its message out

  Mariners Church of Irvine uses its canine ministry in social situations to break the ice and bring some people to God. The dogs were decked out in sweaters and birthday hats. They had cold snouts, soft coats and the dispositions of Job. For more than an hour on a recent Saturday, they sat beneficently […]