Positively Georgia

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Elizabeth Ferris invites you and your love ones to step into the world of Positively Georgia. ! “Positively Georgia” is now available on Amazon in English and Hungarian. This motivational story is about a ten year old Airedale Terrier who travels with her owner Norman on many adventures during the day and within her daydreams. […]

Dog wheelchairs

dog wheelchair

It can be heartbreaking to watch your furry best friend lose their mobility. Dogs can suffer a range of ailments that can affect their mobility, most commonly the result of trauma, degenerative neurological diseases, or a range of age-related conditions such as arthritis. Thankfully, there are now a wide range of products available to help […]

What is cat food made of?

One look at a bowl of dry kibble and one would presume it is made the same way as cereal for humans. Only, instead of loading up on sugars, kibble must be made with some meat and vitamins. A can of wet cat food may look more appetizing with chunks of what looks like beef, […]

Why Puppies Can Make You Happy


Why Puppies Can Make You Happy 1.They Are So Cute Everyone loves cute, furry animals. When you are having a bad day just look at little Cookie and all those negative thoughts will just melt away. 2.Man’s Best Friend You will never be lonely with your best friend. Their goal is usually to make you […]

How Animal Shelters Can Leverage Online Fundraising

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Animal shelters are both a community service and a place for compassionate care of lost and unwanted animals. Animal shelters play an important role in taking care of injured and abandoned animals, or animals that otherwise need protection. Animal shelters also provide education, information, and assistance to their communities. Their work is profound and critically […]