Jug Life

If you haven’t seen the dog sweeping the web we would like to introduce you to JUGS! A jug has one parent Pug and one parent Jack Russell Terrier. Not only are these dogs cool as can be but they also have less possibility for complications than pugs alone. Even cooler than health benefits is how these dogs act hence the […]

Puppy Hurdles

We found this adorable post on Facebook that you have to watch. It’s posted from a Puppy Kennel in California. They have more videos too you should check out

Awesome Brown Bear Pillow

We just found this super cool brown bear pillow, it’s 16×16 (plenty big) and made with wrinkle free Polyester. My favorite part (well beside the awesome bear on the pillow) is it’s made in the US of A. Pretty cool! Another really cool thing about the pillow is that is was made from a guy who saw […]

Nepal has festival to celebrate dogs

In Nepal, they’re having the Tihar festival festival that honors dogs for their special friendship with humans. A world if difference from China where they are having a massive festival for eating dog meat. Nepal and China have been polar opposites for some time ever since China starting killing innocent Buddhists in Tibet for sticking to […]

Katerina Plotnikova

Katerina Plotnikova Photography has posted some amazing animal images that claim to not be photo shopped. We c=kind of hope they are, children with bears seem a little risky! In any case the pictures are stunning and truly beautiful. We have no doubt animals and people can live in harmony, sometimes you can just see […]