Katerina Plotnikova

Katerina Plotnikova Photography has posted some amazing animal images that claim to not be photo shopped. We c=kind of hope they are, children with bears seem a little risky! In any case the pictures are stunning and truly beautiful. We have no doubt animals and people can live in harmony, sometimes you can just see […]

For the love of animals

Most people might not realize how caring animals can be. How they love and feel pain and sadness like us. For me that is why I joined ALOP. Just because animals do not speak our language does not mean they do not feel like we do. Every time an animal is locked in cages, hunted, […]

World Elephant Day

Today is World Elephant day. On August 12 every year is World Elephant Day. The day brings people together to help conserve and protect elephants from the numerous threats they face all over the world. Mission: The World Elephant Day mission is to spread awareness, share knowledge, and provide solutions for better care and management of both […]

We got a Facebook page

We tried to fight it but after years of people still using the most insecure violation of privacy network we had to join. It will be fun though. Join us today and post your Animal pics and images on our Facebook page. Just click this link to check it out. https://www.facebook.com/animallifeorganizedprotection    

Ode to Sloths

It’s no secret that we love Sloths here at ALOP, in fact we are secretly are obsessed with them. Because of their incredibly Human, yet warrior, yet super peaceful looks are so damn cute we decided to do yet another gallery of awesome Sloth pics. Enjoy! Do you love Sloths, let us know in the […]