Meat feeds the EGO

In a world where it is known that eating the meat and flesh of an animal is not healthy. Why would we still eat meat? It’s an interesting physiological study. As natural selection comes into play, all species do what is best to survive without even knowing it. Yet humans with the knowledge to survive better […]

We got a Facebook page

We tried to fight it but after years of people still using the most insecure violation of privacy network we had to join. It will be fun though. Join us today and post your Animal pics and images on our Facebook page. Just click this link to check it out.    

A heart stopping twist on Disney animals.

A New York based artist just release his latest work that includes Disney characters in real life scenarios. The animal ones really resonated here at ALOP. Just amazing and surprisingly real feeling in our hearts. We only hope this will help people get the perspective they need to stop game hunting and treating animals in […]

Top animal rights Facebook pages

There is hundreds of Animal Rights Facebook pages, I follow at least 50 myself. The issue is some of them are more graphic then others and some don’t update much. We put a list together of some of our favorite ones. We did 2 categories, the first is nicer pages and the second might be […]

Canned Hunting

A canned hunt is trophy hunting in typically Africa where the animal is trapped. It’s by far the worst form of hunting and beyond sad the fear and confusion the animal has before it’s killed. Canned Hunting is also going on all over the world, you can see endless Canned Hunting petitions at The […]