Does Ketogenic Diet Also Work For Your Dogs

A ketogenic diet has shown to prevent seizures in dogs that are suffering from epilepsy. Researchers recently put 21 dogs on trial and of all these, 7 achieved a 50 percent reduction in the frequency of seizures, while three got healed of seizures. It has been proved that less than one percent of dogs suffer […]

A quick guide to Dog Nail Grinders

View more here: Nail grinders for dogs Grooming is an essential requirement for a dog owner and one of the key elements in need of grooming are the nails. Most dog owners tend to shy away from the process in order to avoid an unnecessary hassle of causing the dog distress. This is where the more […]

Some Basic Tips To Keep Goats Healthy

Many people enjoy raising goats as pets, or as livestock. Animal care skills are essential when raising goats. Whether keeping goats as pets or livestock, it is important to have basic animal husbandry skills to care for the animals. Goats are typically healthy, robust animals. However, without proper care and maintenance, they can succumb to […]

4th of July is scary for pets.

Fireworks can easily frighten animals. The loud explosions are more clear to animals and especially dogs. A nice trick to keep your dogs a little more at ease is to play some sort of noise at your house and keep them indoors. Even music will help drown out the sounds of explosions happening outside. Not […]

Tips for bringing your kitten home

Getting a new kitten is exciting, I mean they might be the cutest thing on the planet right. You have done all the bread research and visits and now you finally found your new addition to your home and they are getting it ready to be handed over.