Vegan pet food on the rise

Vegan pet food — and the decision to force one’s pet to go vegan — is suddenly very buzzy. ABC News reports that it’s a bit easier for a dog to go vegetarian than it is for a cat, and one person they interviewed said she suspects that “vegan” cats are supplementing their diets by […]

Polar bears will not survive without action to tackle climate change

Polar bears will not survive without action to tackle climate change and save their rapidly disappearing Arctic habitat, conservationists have warned WWF, the conservation charity, said that the five countries which are home to the polar bear must commit to action on global warming to save the animal, which is reliant on the sea ice […]

Galapagos expels citizens as a flood of tourists threatens islands

GALAPAGOS ISLANDS, ECUADOR — A few weeks ago, 19 Ecuadorean citizens detained on these world-renowned islands were marched onto a plane and sent back to the continent under armed guard. Their crime? Illegal migration. So far this year, the government has expelled 1,000 of its citizens from the Galapagos — a living laboratory of unique […]

Pet owners gear up for spay-neuter law dogfight

POLL: Revised state bill still faces steep opposition, even after its bite is removed. Is this another ‘nanny’ law? SACRAMENTO – The state Legislature has pet owners barking up a storm once again. Nearly a year after controversy stopped the mandatory spay and neuter bill in its tracks, the proposal is back, this time in […]