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Man Accused of Throwing 2 Dogs Off High-Rise

As much as we hate to post bad news about animals, this story needs to be told. Some people do such horrific animal abuse, they need to be called out for their actions.

A Virginia man is accused of killing two dogs after he threw them off of his apartment’s balcony.

Zachary Hanson, 26, faces multiple animal cruelty charges for allegedly throwing two dogs off of the fifth-floor balcony of his Arlington apartment building, ALNow, WJLA and WUSA report. Police took Hanson into custody on April 27 after responding to a report of an animal complaint.

The dogs were taken to a local animal hospital, where they died of their injuries.

One of the dogs belonged to Hanson, according to a police spokesperson. (Hanson had a puppy named Onyx with a personal  Instagram page; it’s unclear if this was one of the dogs killed in the incident.)

“One belonged to the suspect, the other belonged to someone known to the suspect,” ACPD spokeswoman Ashley Savage said, ALNow reports. “To best protect the identity of the victim, we will not release additional information related to their relationship.”

Hanson remains behind bars with no bond.  It is unclear whether he has an attorney to comment on his behalf. His preliminary hearing is scheduled for late August.

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