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5 Pet Friendly Hotels You Should Know

Traveling with pets can be challenging. That’s why in today’s article, we’re going to be sharing with you our top picks for pet-friendly hotels across the United States. We’ve made picks that should allow you to find something in every price range.

However, before you pack up your furry friend and get started on your road trip, there are a few things you might want to consider first. Michelle Rei of had to scramble to find a pet friendly hotel that wouldn’t break the bank when her rental got delayed and had this to say.

Always, always call and confirm your plans with the hotel before you leave. This avoids any nasty surprises in the way of fees or things like weight or breed restrictions. We got spoiled by Red Roof ‘s easy and free pet policies and ended up getting charged $50 for our cat to stay at another chain when I neglected to ask if there was a fee! Lesson learned.”

It’s also important to note that in many cases, the pet policy is left up to the discretion of the management. So, it’s worth calling and asking even if your chosen hotel doesn’t say anything about pets on their website. You might find that even smaller chains or boutique hotels are willing to accommodate a well-behaved pet if you ask nicely first. They also need to notify housekeeping to avoid any incidents, so keep that in mind as well.

In any case, here are our top 5 pet friendly hotels to suit any budget.

  1. Redroof Inn

The Redroof is a great hotel chain that offers complimentary breakfasts, nice rooms, fair pricing, and best of all – pets can stay for free! All you need to do is inform the front desk that you’re traveling with an animal at check in and you’ll be good to go. They simply ask that you take your pet with you before house keeping enters to avoid any incidents.

This chain has over 500 locations across the United States as well, making it easy to find one during your vacation or road trip. While many sources say that only one pet is allowed, an additional animal will likely be admitted at the discretion of the management, so no worries if you have two dogs!

  1. Motel 6

If there aren’t any Redroofs near your stay, then a Motel 6 could be a good substitution. This chain, while not quite as nice as Redroof, also offers free stays for two pets. They also have 1400+ properties, making it easier to find one in areas where hotel choices are limited. Kids also stay free, and you can save an extra 10% if you’re in the military, a senior citizen, or a first responder.

  1. Four Seasons

Looking for something a little nicer? Then you may be pleased to find that many Four Seasons properties accept pets, but not all of them do. For the ones that do, there are typically no fees, and some properties even offer cute pet amenities like water bowls and pet beds. Plus, the hotel’s concierge can give you some guidance on dog parks and other pet services in the area!

  1. La Qunita

La Quinta has around 830 US locations, and the majority of them allow pets. While there is a small list of La Quinta properties that aren’t pet friendly, you can easily view which ones are on their website. For the hotels which do allow pets, there’s no fee, and you can have up to two dogs or cats in your room.

  1. Loews Hotels

Looking to have your pooch as pampered as you are on your next vacation or business trip? This hotel chain not only offers outstanding amenities for people, but it’ll also pamper your pup. At check in you’ll receive bowls, treats, and placements. Plus, if you can also request litter boxes and litter, scratching pads, toys, and other goodies if you can’t fit them in your luggage. They even have a gourmet room service menu for cats and dogs! Just make sure to check ahead of time to see what’s offered at your desired location.

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