Why Puppies Can Make You Happy

Why Puppies Can Make You Happy

  • 1.They Are So Cute

Everyone loves cute, furry animals. When you are having a bad day just look at little Cookie and all those negative thoughts will just melt away.

  • 2.Man’s Best Friend

You will never be lonely with your best friend. Their goal is usually to make you happy! Doesn’t that sound like the best friend anyone can have?

  • 3.They Keep You Healthy

Puppies must play, which means you must play. Puppies keep you active with at least 60 minutes of play time per day it’s no wonder it has been proven that animal owners are more likely to be healthier.

  • 4.They Make You Smarter

You already speak human, now you must learn dog. Studies have shown that peoples EQ or Emotional Intelligence improves by having a puppy.

  • 5.They Boost Your Confidence

Having constant compliments about how cute your puppy is a sure confidence booster for anyone. Who doesn’t love a good compliment even if they are talking about your adorable little friend.

We all know puppies are cute but they can be hard work as well. It takes time and dedication to ensure a healthy lifestyle for you and the puppy. They need a lot of love like babies. If you don’t have this time there is something that still proves to put you in a good mood. . . Pictures of puppies. While you are at work go ahead and flip your calendar to see adorable puppies. Get all the positives without the hard work. Get yours now at brightdaycalendars.com