5 Tips for a Great Hike with Your Dog

Have you ever considered going on a hike with your dog? Hiking is no doubt a great memorable experience and can even be more interesting with exciting moments when you decide to go with your dog. Your dog can be a great companion while on a hike and also help motivate you to go farther.

However, there are some specific things you need to take into consideration to have great moments out there with your dog. It is essential to understand that your dog is an animal and cannot entirely act like a human. You need to apply some safety measures and other precautions to ensure a hitch-free trip.

So, for your needs, here are five tips to help keep your dog safe and have a great overall hike with your dog.

Go with a pet first aid kit

One important thing you must not forget to carry with you when going on a hike with your dog is first aid kit for pets. Your dog can easily get into trouble and may need urgent medical attention to keep it going.

While you don’t want your dog to get hurt; ensure you carry a first aid in case of any harm. You should check the box to ensure that all necessary items are intact.

Pay attention to your dog fitness

Dogs possess good energy for a long walk. However, very young dogs and old dogs cannot handle the same trail length or intensity as other dogs. For this reason, you should check your dog limit and ensure you don’t push it to exhaustion.  You can ask your vet to tell you more about the strength limit of your dog and other related question.

So, as you hit the trail with your dog, if you notice your dog lying down or panting, these are some of the signs that your dog needs to cool down to regain fitness. You should take note of all these to keep your dog active and happy throughout the trip.

Keep an eye on anything your dog takes in

Your dog could eat some things while on the trail, and some of the things could be harmful to your dog’s health. If your dog is chewing anything, ensure you figure out what it is and if it’s dangerous, apply some preventives measures. You can call your vet to let them know what your dog has eaten and what you need to do. If possible try to prevent your dog from eating harmful substances like mushrooms and some plants while on the trail.

The goal is to ensure that your dog is healthy and happy for a great trip.

Carry sufficient water and food for two

Water is very necessary when going on a hike. Lack of water could make your trip a frustrating one. And now that you’re going with your dog, you should carry enough water for yourself and dog. Dogs don’t sweat, and hence they are at a higher risk of overheating and needs more water.

So, carry enough water and food for yourself and dog. This will contribute to making your trip a great one as you get water and food when needed.

Don’t neglect leash laws

Not everyone is very okay with dogs. Some people get frightened when in contact with dogs. So, do not leave your dog off-leash on the trail. Depending on where the hike is to take place, do your research thoroughly to get familiar with the leash laws and try to keep to the rules.

Going on a hike with your dog brings joy and a lot of exciting moments. Your dog serves as a great companion and can make you happy. However, as mentioned earlier, you should take some precautions as put forward in this article to ensure your dog is safe. (Source: InsideDogsWorld)


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