Do You Love Your Cat? 5 Common Mistakes To Avoid

Do you love your cat very much? We are sure you do. But is your love enough to shield your cat from pests or parasite? Despite loving your pet as a family member, you may commit some mistakes that can prove fatal to your pet. Here we are discussing top 5 mistakes committed by humans that leave cats vulnerable to infections and related health hazards.

  1. Treating your pet with human pest repellent – We humans need mosquito and heartworm repellent to keep us safe from these insects. But you should avoid spraying your pet with any of the pest repellents that are meant for humans. No doubt your pets need to be safeguarded against these parasites. You should use cat-specific mosquito and heartworm repellent prescribed by the veterinarian. Chemicals used in human pest repellent may contain chemical substances that can cause neurological damage and even poison your pets.
  2. Overtreating or undertreating your pets – There exist two varieties of ignorant pet lovers – the overdoers and the under doers. If your pet gets infested by fleas or ticks, you should choose the treatment dose appropriately. You must know that doses are measured as per the weight and species of the pet. Giving your small cat the treatment prescribed for the big cat can actually poison your little pet. Dividing the dose in a small fraction, so that the medicine lasts long, is equally the bad idea. You can visit this link to get a clear idea of the difference between doses based on the weight of your cat.
  3. Not keeping vaccinations up-to-date – There are many pet lovers who love to play with their furry friends, but are very ignorant about their vaccinations. If you think no signs of pest infestation means, no problem at all, then you are absolutely wrong. If you don’t keep your pets vaccinated, you increase their risks of getting infected by pests and getting frequently ill. So, don’t miss a single vaccination prescribed by a veterinary doctor for your lovely pet.
  4. Using same product on different pets – As told earlier, the pest treatment products are designed as per the weight and species of the pest. So, you cannot use the product of your dog onto your cat or vice-versa. You must know that dogs and cats are entirely different from each other. What is good for one need not necessarily be good for the other. So, if you have two four legged kids who belong to two different species, you must have different products for each of them that are designed specifically for them.
  5. Not understanding the body language of your pet – This mistake is normally committed by the first time cat owners. For sure, your pets are not going to come and tell you their problem in human language. So, you need to know the difference between normal scratching and abnormal scratching because this is going to give you the indication that your pet is infested with a pest. You need to understand each and every body-language of your pet so that you can know if your pet is suffering from a problem.

Whenever in doubt, consult a veterinary doctor to keep your pets healthy!

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