5 Dog Breeds best for Kids

People often get a dog as our pet, but there is often the question as to whether the canine is suitable for both its owner’s children. Kids love dogs, but some dog breeds are not right for them. Most dog breeds require maintenance and attention that a child couldn’t handle or give. Hence it is important to know whether the dog is suited to kids before getting one.

Here are some five dog breeds that are suitable pets for children:

  1. Golden Retriever

Do you want a dog that is loyal, confident, and intelligent and has a gentle personality? The Golden Retriever possesses all those traits and is a perfect match for children due to its patience. The dog has what it takes to be a playmate for kids due to its love of play. The Golden Retriever’s playtime also counts as exercise.

The dog breed is more of an indoors animal, but it is also adaptable for outside environment. The Golden Retriever’s coat is colored gold, and it needs brushing at least twice a week.

  1. Labrador Retriever

This breed is playful, protective, loving and reliable making it a favorite dog pet for kids. Additionally, the Labrador Retriever is intelligent and trainable especially when it comes to swimming. Due to the dog’s strength and stamina, it requires lots of exercises and the companionship of its family. Because of the dog’s friendly nature, it gets along with other pets and other people.

Labrador Retrievers are colored yellow, black, or chocolate and their short coat need only a weekly combing to look neat and clean.

  1. Poodle

This dog has a distinctive haircut that almost everyone is familiar. Besides the dog’s intelligence and gentleness the Poodle is hypoallergenic (doesn’t cause allergies) making it a suitable pet for adult and children with allergies.

Poodles are either Standard or Miniature types. The Standard Poodle gets along with people they are familiar with, but they are shy to strangers. The Miniature Poodle would often stick close to one person, but still great with kids.

  1. Irish Setter

The red-coated Irish Setter is a good pet for children who are energetic and needs a lot of exercises to stay fit as well as healthy. Due to the dog’s playful nature, it gets along with kids. The dog is a very social animal so don’t leave them alone for extended periods of time. The Irish Setter often behaves correctly in the presence of it family

If your home has a yard with lots of space, then your Irish Setter will enjoy playing in it. The dog also has skills in greeting visitors who come into your home.

  1. Bull Terrier

The dog may look tough and rough, but its personality is friendly and has a loving disposition to kids as well as adults. Miniature Bull Terrier can be a mischief maker sometimes so try to stimulate it physically and mentally to keep it out of trouble.

Be sure to keep the Bull Terrier away from other dogs and small animals. The dog tends to aggressive towards them.

A Bull Terrier’s coat is short and flat which makes it easy to take care and clean. Also a backyard with lots, space is an ideal playground for the dog.


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