A quick guide to Dog Nail Grinders

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Grooming is an essential requirement for a dog owner and one of the key elements in need of grooming are the nails. Most dog owners tend to shy away from the process in order to avoid an unnecessary hassle of causing the dog distress. This is where the more sophisticated dog nail grinders come into play.

The necessity of trimming nails:

Nail trimming becomes an incredibly difficult task as the nail grows longer. While the buzzing vibrations could make the dog nervous and scare it away, it would make the nail shaping process easier if the owner finds a way to get the dog to become comfortable with having the grinder being used on his nails.

The need for trimming and maintaining a dog’s nails are vital for many reasons:

1. Dog nails grow long and sharp in a short amount of time. So unless the dog is left outside to dig and curtail the process of keeping the nails blunt, dogs that stay completely indoors have the opportunity to injure someone with their long nails.

2. If your dog is like a completely wild, rambunctious child, then it could possibly injure itself as well.

3. No furniture or item in the house is safe if it gets its paws on it.

The advantage of using Nail Grinders:

While traditional clipping practices are still preferred by a lot of dog owners and vets since they are accustomed to it, here are the advantages of using a dog nail grinder over the nail clippers:

While most like to take care of the grooming process all by themselves, inexperienced owners are not adept in finishing the job painlessly for the dog and might even cause the nails to bleed. Dog nail grinders serve to avoid all this since there is no clipping involved.

The grinder tip literally grinds the excess nail into tiny bits and helps provide a smooth finish by polishing the edges.

The dog nail grinders available in the market can be used for a range of household pets like cats, rabbits, birds and hamsters.

Attributes of good Dog nail grinders:

Although there are tons of new nail grinders in the market, it can be quite confusing to select one which suits the dog and is easy for the owner to use. A good dog nail grinder should have the following properties.

It should be Quiet:

Loud noises tend to make dogs extremely jittery and they run at the first sound if they’re not familiarised with it. Lightweight: For smaller dogs, the surface to be shaped might be tiny. In this case, the owner needs to carefully balance the nail grinder along with the tip, ensuring he does not cause the nail to bleed.

Compact and Powerful:

A good dog nail grinder should be effective, safe for use and provide a less stressful alternative to clipping. Conclusion : Some of the best Dog nail Grinders on the market have most of the above-mentioned traits, cause the nail trimming process to be done quickly without causing much discomfort. Based on the Amazon reviews, the Dremel 7300-PT 4.8-Volt Pet nail Grooming Kit has been voted as the best in the market for its power packed performance and less noise disturbance. Hence, proper research and reading the reviews of people who have used the products can go a long way in helping to choose the best nail grinder on the market.