5 World Most Famous Cats That Will Purrrr You!

Cats are one of the most beautiful and prettiest creatures in the universe. Cats are of several kinds and mostly are quite gorgeous. They attract the people quite often. Specifically, cats are one of the most common pets in the houses. Cats are not just attractive but good friends. They do humorous things that make the people happy. This is why many people prefer cats as pets. Cats are cute overall but there are a few cats that are greatly famous because of their unique boy structure and color. Some cats are also famous because of their behavior and interesting activities. Internet is ruled by the cats and there are numerous searches for cats on search engines. Following are some of the most famous cats of the world.

Garfi – The Persian cat

Garfi is one of the most famous cats which is searched on consistent basis on the internet. It is famous for its anger look and attractive color. The Garfi is not a pretty much Grumpy cat. It is a super angry cat which seems threatening in a way. However, in the real life, it is quite friendly. The angry look of this cat in fact looks lovely. People search the pictures of this magnificent cat just view its anger.

Monty – The Crooked cat

Monty is a cat born without bone in its nose. It known for its unusual look hence the name ‘The Crooked Cat’, because of its condition, the cat sneeze a lot. Monty were adopt by current owners when the couple first look at Monty in shelter. According to the owner, the first time they met Monty, there were no doubt in their minds that Monty was to come live with them.

Maru – The Scottish Fold Cat

Maru is quite famous cat among the cat lovers. It is seen as the most common pet in the houses. Maru is popular because of its interesting activities. It plays a lot with different things. Specifically, it loves the boxes and plays with them in a fantastic way which makes the viewers love it. Its pictures and images are also searched a lot by the lovers of cats. It is a bit more fluffy which enhances its attractiveness.

Venus – The Chimera cat

Venus is the queen among the cutest cats of the world. It is ruling the internet as well. The interesting thing in this cat is a distinct color on its face. Its face is composed of two different colors. Many people may think that it is painted but in fact is all natural. This cat represents a clear natural beauty. One can even regard it as the wonder of the world. No other cat has any features regarding color like Venus. Not many people own this beautiful cat. However, it is still one of the most famous cats around the world.

Bob – The Street Cat

The Streetcat Bob is the Red Tabby cat which is one of the cats that are good friends of humans. This is another famous cat which is widely searched cat. This cat is adopted by many as pet. It is also associated with a story called “A Street Cat named Bob”.

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Cats can make a person happy with their fun and silly character. They also need attention and cuddle from their human owner. You can check out more internet’s famous cats and explore more weird animals around the world.

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