Some Basic Tips To Keep Goats Healthy

Many people enjoy raising goats as pets, or as livestock. Animal care skills are essential when raising goats. Whether keeping goats as pets or livestock, it is important to have basic animal husbandry skills to care for the animals. Goats are typically healthy, robust animals. However, without proper care and maintenance, they can succumb to disease and other health conditions. Goats are defenseless, so part of their overall care is providing them a safe environment.

There are several reasons to raise goats. Goats give us cashmere and mohair. They are an excellent source of dairy products such as cheese, milk, and also meat. They make wonderful pets for both adults and children. Goats are intelligent animals and easy to train. With their constant grazing, they are known for their skill at clearing a field. Goats are a valuable asset. Developing countries often prefer dairy products from a goat, such as a goat milk and goat cheese. Goat milk byproducts produce skin care items such as soap.

Daily Care for Healthy Goats

Goats need a sturdy, secure fence to protect them from predators. They require protection from the elements such as excessive heat. They also need protection from the rain, snow and cold temperatures. A barn in an enclosed area provides adequate shelter. Goats also need to be provided with fresh water. Their needs are relatively simple. Dry bedding such as hay or straw will keep them warm and comfortable throughout the year.

Goats like to roam, so it is a good idea to keep them in a fenced environment. A good solid fence also keeps out predators such as wolves and coyotes. Keeping the goats in a fenced environment protects their health, by protecting them from diseases transmitted by other animals.

Healthy goats require a diet consisting of fresh hay and grain. To keep them healthy they also need access to fresh water on a daily basis. It is important to keep the goats healthy, as this protects them from disease and other environmental factors. Simply grazing in the field, does not provide enough nutrients for a healthy goat. After they feed, leftover grain or hay should be removed from their enclosure.

Leftover hay or grain can deteriorate and encourage the growth of mold. Moldy hay and grain are unhealthy for the animals. It is important to occasionally check the supply of grain and hay for any signs of mold. Goats consuming moldy feed products may become seriously ill. Do not keep the haystacks to high, as this can attract pests that may contaminate the hay. Raising goat┬áin a healthy manner shouldn’t be that complicated.