Guess what.. these cool stores let you bring your dog.

By now if you have a dog you have probably figured out they are pack animals. They are loyal and will put their lives on the line for someone they love in an instant. As amazing as that is it also brings us to a very common dog issue: Separation Anxiety. There is many levels and on the lightest levels all dogs have some of this. All dogs miss their owners when they are gone, hence the happiness when you come home.

Luckily some stores around the US went out of their way so you can bring your dog with you. Not only is this good for your dog but let’s be real, everything is better when you bring your dog.

Here is the list of the biggest stores in the US that let you bring you dog:

  1. Half Price Books
  2. Gander Mountain
  3. Academy
  4. Michaels
  5. Hobby Lobby
  6. Ross
  7. Sephora
  8. Tiffany & Co.
  9. Bath and Body Works
  10. Home Depot (Most stores)
  11. Pottery Barn
  12. Hallmark
  13. Bass Pro Shops
  14. Barnes and Noble
  15. Macy’s
  16. Web Host Pro (Design  Offices)
  17. Old Navy
  18. Restorations Hardware
  19. Tractor Supply Co.
  20. The Apple Store

Unfortunately most store managers can over write the company policy and change the rule. But in most cases they will not stop you unless there is an issue.