Wisdom of love

Losing a pet can one of the hardest things in life for some people and very difficult for all. Almost everyone has lost a pet and had to try and deal with it on their own. I can remember when I lost mine. It was so tragic. It would of been great to have some insight and information on how to handle the feelings. At the time my family was able to help me get through it but no one could really understand what I was going through.

A new book has surfaced that is being crowd funded now to help in the exact situation. Written by someone that has gone through the loss and has the knowledge to help others get through it.


The book is now ready but just needs your help to make it’s Kindle version into a real book people can hold.

With the right push this book could help millions get through losing a pet and dealing with the sadness it brings. To help bring this book to life head over to kick starter and read more information on Wisdom of love. There is a video and lots of information on the author.





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