Jug Life

If you haven’t seen the dog sweeping the web we would like to introduce you to JUGS! A jug has one parent Pug and one parent Jack Russell Terrier. Not only are these dogs cool as can be but they also have less possibility for complications than pugs alone. Even cooler than health benefits is how these dogs act hence the Internet craze. Here are are some of the videos around that show just how cute and fun these dogs are.

They even have a Facebook page here: Pug Life on Facebook

You can find anything Jug related there!

Still not sure how awesome Jugs are check out these cuties.

We have MR Jug, handling business:


And we have Snow Jug, staying warm no mater how chilly things get.


To see more pictures and videos check out the Facebook page we linked above or Google search for Jug Life.


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