Four things you should take care when choosing a Yorkie puppy

Yorkshire Terriers are lovely dogs, they are affectionate towards people and they are, in general, great companion dogs. However, having a dog, especially a Yorkie, involves a huge responsibility, so, before making this step, you should know some simple information.

  1. Can you afford a Yorkshire Terrier?

The first question you must ask to yourself is “Do I afford to take care of a Yorkie puppy?” This is a very important matter, because Yorkshire Terriers require a lot of attention, and you don’t have only to pay the one-time purchase price. You also have to spend a lot of money each year because you must go from time to time to the vet, you must buy quality food, etc. In the first year you must buy a lot of stuff, like a carrier bag, a crate and you must pay for vaccinations and training sessions. On an average, in the first year you must spend at least 1500 $, and after that 500$ each year. So, hold your horses and make a fair calculation before buying or adopting a Yorkie puppy.

  1. Is Yorkshire Terrier the right dog breed for me?

It is also very important to make a detailed research in order to find out if this breed is fit for you. Make a list with the main Yorkies traits and pay attention especially to the drawbacks. Remember that Yorkies are territorial dogs and they like to bark a lot. They are very good watch dogs, but you need to train them from an early age. They have long coats and you’ll need to groom your Yorkie quite frequently. Although they are small sized, Yorkshire Terrier have a lot of energy and they also need a lot of attention. Yorkies don’t tolerate being alone, so make sure that your dog will never be alone for a long time.

  1. From where to get a Yorkie puppy?

Well, this question is a little bit tricky. You can go to a rescue center or a shelter and save a dog, but you will never know if that dog is a pure breed. And, also, the chances to find a little puppy are almost zero. If you want a pure breed with a strong pedigree, you can go to a dog breeder. Breeders can be expensive, and you should choose very carefully your breeder. Try to ask them different question about return policy, health issues, pedigree papers etc. A responsible breeder will answer kindly at all your questions. If you are from Ohio, you can contact – the largest dog breeder from Ohio, and you will find there many healthy puppies for sale. Also, try to avoid puppy mills and pet shops because you risk to buy a puppy with serious health issues.

  1. Choose a puppy with a good personality

When choosing a Yorkie puppy, you must pay attention, firstly, to his pedigree and medical history. Try to avoid those puppies who haven’t been treated for parasites or heartworm. Also, when selecting your puppy, pay a lot of attention to his personality and choose a puppy with a good nature. Don’t choose the most energetic puppy or puppies with behavioral problems.