We found a site today that has the most adorable puppy breads we have maybe ever seen. You can see them yourself at a great puppy kennel in Florida. All the puppies are vet checked, happy, and healthy. The Mokie is a must see and maybe the cutest thing in the world. Morkie is a cross breed between a purebred Yorkshire Terrier and Maltese.

I mean wow, how could you say no to a little face like these.

Morkies are a small breed dog, usually ranging from 4-12 pounds. The more common colors in Morkie coats are: Black, brown, tan and white. Their coat is usually a little longer and soft. Morkie ears can be pointed, like the Yorkie, or floppy, like the Maltese. Both are just as cute in our book.

They do need a little bit of brushing time to time to avoid matting, but their sweet demeanor makes it’s a fun task.

Morkies love to play and are very active, so getting two isn’t a bad option so they can play together. They tend to bond strongly with their owners and love attention. It’s suggested to start training them right away. As they grow up, they will be excited, energetic, confident, and loyal. They can be a little weary with strangers but in general get along with all people and other dogs. Dog parks are o.k. for these little love bugs.

If you are in the Florida area and would like a Morkie, contact to get more information on them today.


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