Meat feeds the EGO

In a world where it is known that eating the meat and flesh of an animal is not healthy. Why would we still eat meat?

It’s an interesting physiological study. As natural selection comes into play, all species do what is best to survive without even knowing it. Yet humans with the knowledge to survive better choose to do things that hinder their ability to survive by consuming poisons and causing self inflicted stress. The only logical conclusion to this behavior is ego, the need to feel all mighty and in some cases invincible.

The study of why people do drugs knowing it will hurt them is often chalked up as a way to escape or test their need to survive. We also see this often with extreme sports and wild tasks to tests one’s strength and survival ability. These risks that have become a common part of modern day society have no relevance in better survival and only effect the person doing the act. Some might say they did this extreme act to inspire people to do more. This would only perpetuate more people doing things that would risk their survival. Really this is just a excuse to not have to forwardly convey their need to feed the ego.

So why with the knowledge to be healthy and safe do we as humans, do the opposite so commonly?

In a convention in Australia a young man stood out with this idea about eating meat.

We are not carnivores. We eat meat by choice. Why would you choose to kill another animal and eat its flesh, when you could choose not to? I think meat feeds much more than our body; I think eating meat feeds our ego. Because by choosing to eat meat, we are demonstrating that we are powerful enough to dominate and kill other animals for reasons other than survival. We demonstrate it through technology on a farm where animals are kept in cages no matter how big or small. We demonstrate it through technology in an abattoir where animals are killed systematically by machines.  Lastly and most importantly, we demonstrate it with our wallets where we pay top dollar for prime steak as a display of wealth. We are not carnivores. We eat meat by choice. And we choose to eat it to feed our ego.

This set back a lot of older scientists and students. Could it all boil down to ego? If so this would mean that animals that still eat other animals are feeding their ego as well, the only difference is the animals would of done this without it being conscious.

Like the Giraffe, one of the most relaxed and happy of the animals. It’s apparent that this animal is not ego driven and in turn it does not eat meat. It through natural selection evolved to eat plants not available to most other animals. Yet the lion, known for it’s flair and constant dominating characteristics is the most active meat eater on the planet. There has also been cases when a Lion has let animals go in it’s grasp, which you can only assume it had a lapse of ego and realized the effect on it’s prey. A glimpse of empathy.

Again this would lead us to believe that the animals that eat meat are ego driven as well.

In this day and age, the horrible conditions animals go through just for us to eat them is a clear sign for the lack of empathy we have as humans.

There is no questions that:

  • Millions of animals are locked in little cages
  • Forced into inhumane over crowded conditions
  • Killed in a painful humiliating way
  • It is known that they have feelings no different than humans

And there is no question that:

  • Eating meat is unhealthy
  • It is easy to access healthy food with no meat
  • There is no social outcast to not want to eat meat

With all this common knowledge the only conclusion for eating meat to still be so common in this day and age is the human ego. One’s idea that they are larger than life, better than another life, and indifferent for the suffering of one that is clearly less functional.