Last chance ranches

The reason started was to help people understand that animals are our partners not for food and fun. They have feelings just like us and there is plenty of other ways to live awesomely without killing them especially in the inhumane psychotic ways we do now.

We have found another focus and it will be last chance ranches, all donations will go directly to these rescue sanctuaries around. These amazing places house animals that would normally be killed. We have been to several all over the world and every time a tear nearly forms from the love for animals that no one else wants or where abused.

We feel there is no greater service in the animal community than these and they deserve all the help they can get. We will be doing posts for a new rescue sanctuary each month and details on how to contribute directly. All donations to ALOP will also be distributed to these places less a small amount we use to promote the website.

If you have a last chance ranch in your town go visit them, most are homes for people as well as animals and most like to have events and fund raisers. I am sure they can use your help!

If you run a last chance ranch rescue sanctuary please contact us so we can do an article on you and hopefully help you get more funds.