5 tips for a happy dog

As an animal lover there is no doubt dogs probably have a special place in your heart. Not only are dogs full of love for their owners, they are playful and protective. Most dogs would die for their owner and will always care for them no matter what happens between the two. This unconditional bond is something almost impossible to find with any other two living things. With all this amazingness that dogs offer it’s a good idea to give back to these wonderful animals.

Here is 5 easy things everyone can do make their dog happier.

1. Let them roam free, walking a dog is great and there is no doubt they love it. But letting them off leash in place they can run and be free is priceless. More and more dog parks are built all the time just for this reason!

2. Take off the collar, dogs hear a much broader amount of sound. The little jingles and jangles can drive a little doggy nuts. Letting them roam without a collar in-doors will make then happier and feel more free.

3. Get them snacks and bones, dogs love to chew stuff up and treats make them feel special. Make it an everyday treat to give them a bone or hard food. Normal treats are great too, I like to give my dog at least one a day.

4. Get him around other dogs and people, dogs love new smells and nothing is more complex in smell than other dogs and people. Dog parks are another great place for this but even having friends and family around your dog will make him happier.

5. Cuddle, dogs have a huge heart and they want to be loved and cared for. Let them on the couch and bed time to time and give them some big hugs. They will be so grateful! They also like to sleep next to their owners like you are in a wolf pack together, consider getting a little bed for your pup and put it in your room. This will help them feel safe.