A Veal calf lives their whole life with no mother, no sun, and malnourished. They keep them malnourished to keep them at the right weight and body composite. These farmed animals are not seen as a living being, just as a course of food. They are lonely, sick, and scared for every minute of their lives. The smell of feces and death is all they can relate to in their everyday routine.


The only meal they eat is a milk substitute low in nutrients.

After about 14 weeks they simply die and lay there until moved fr slaughter.

Veal calfs never touch grass and only see a little light each day.

They cannot move around and never get a chance to run.

The life they must adapt is worse than anything wee can imagine. We know Cows have feeling and love yet we treat them like they have nothing.

Eating and farming veal is animal cruelty at it’s worst.


ALOP has been helping animals all over the world since 2007.

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