Top animal rights Facebook pages

There is hundreds of Animal Rights Facebook pages, I follow at least 50 myself. The issue is some of them are more graphic then others and some don’t update much. We put a list together of some of our favorite ones. We did 2 categories, the first is nicer pages and the second might be more graphic.

Nicer Facebook animal rights pages:

  • – 7,285 likes · 156 talking
  • – 76,181 likes · 6,884 talking
  • – 842 likes · 26 talking

More graphic ones:

  •  – 57,564 likes · 35,126 talking
  • – 339,935 likes · 6,901 talking
  • – 188,542 likes · 103,007 talking

These are all great pages highly recommended. Just keep in mind these are animal helping sites not post cute pictures pages. Support these to help save animals.

Know of more Facebook Animal Pages? Let us know below.


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