Cat Soul

If you love animals there is almost no doubt you can feel their spiritual animal connection with people. You can say all you want about cats shedding or meowing but if you have shared a home with one and are in touch with your spiritual side you probably felt something very special.

I have had the chance to have a cat I grew up with Cali give birth to it’s babies in my bed (while I was sleeping) I remember thinking how gross when I woke up but then all I can think about was how calm and happy the mother was and how excited the babies where to come to life. I later found out Cats like to have birth where they feel most comfortable. I was flatter to hear this and have been a die hard animal lover ever since.

The book Sensitive Soul Series Book #1: Cat Soul talks about just that, the spiritual healing of animals and especially cats. How they have so much compassion and help with grief. The sensitivity of their soul, inspiration, and relationships. I especially like what Ingrid wrote. She is a prominent author/blogger in the cat niche: “Cat Soul is a moving and beautifully illustrated story about the spiritual gifts cats bring to our lives.

You can find the book at, with the link above, or search Google for Spiritual Cat Healing to learn more about the wonderful gifts cats offer to people.