Canned Hunting

A canned hunt is trophy hunting in typically Africa where the animal is trapped. It’s by far the worst form of hunting and beyond sad the fear and confusion the animal has before it’s killed.

Canned Hunting is also going on all over the world, you can see endless Canned Hunting petitions at


The good news today is that Africa “finally” might be outlawing this horrible act.

In 2009 The South African government tried to ban Canned Hunting, this was followed by lion breeders attempting to block the ban. To this day it is still going on and hundreds of trapped Lions are being hunting every year.

“We need a clean hunting industry, free from unacceptable behavior which could damage the country’s image,” said Albi Modise in 2009, a spokesman for South Africa’s forestry department.

South Africa was once the world’s largest canned hunting locations, with more than 1,000 lions killed every year by foreign hunters.

Now 2014 we have heard another step that will ban the act all together.

We can only hope it goes through.




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