Los Angeles — She’s helped Charlize Theron, Eva Mendes, Oprah
Winfrey, and Jon Stewart build respectful, loving relationships with
their canine companions, and now everyone can learn celebrity dog
trainer Tamar Geller’s successful coaching techniques, thanks to a new
six-episode series of PETA videos, which the group will debut starting
October 19. In the videos, which will be released one per week for six
weeks, Geller teaches viewers about every dog’s seven basic needs as
well as about common training mistakes that people make, including
rushing dogs during their walks, yelling at them, using choke chains,
and crating.

“Dogs aren’t possessions,” says Geller. “They are living, breathing
beings with lots of feelings, and they are on this planet for far too
short a time. We invite them into our homes and our lives, so it’s our
responsibility to do our best to make every moment for them as happy
and as fulfilled as we can.”

Geller has won worldwide acclaim, thanks to her playful,
non-aggressive coaching techniques. Her “Loved Dog” method builds a
relationship based on games, clear communication, mutual respect, and
fun. “Let’s forget about obedience and build that amazing friendship
with your dog and simply teach him how to be well-mannered,” Geller
explains. Her new PETA videos steer dog guardians away from common
training techniques that actually harm dogs—such as yelling at them,
isolating them from much-needed socialization by crating them, and
causing pain and risking permanent damage to their necks by using
chains and prong collars. Geller even gives viewers tips on how to
find a good local trainer.

“Having a dog is one of the most joyful, enlivening experiences you
can have,” Geller concludes. “They will be your best friend. Be

For more information and to watch the videos, please visit or
click here. Broadcast-quality footage is available upon request.