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If you have to fly your pet in cargo then check on your airline. Some are more pet friendly then others. There is also alert on Pet Cargo here.

Not long ago, an airline was considered to be “pet friendly” if it allowed animals onboard. However, as more people travel with their furry friends, many airlines are catering to the growing, important market. Today, “pet friendly” has a whole new meaning.

Pet-friendly airlines, among other things, board pets right before takeoff and de-board them first once at a destination.

Susan Kerwin, Midwest Airlines’ Premier Pet Program creator, says a pet-friendly airline is “a carrier that goes above and beyond to pay attention to the comfort and care of the pets on board, to ensure that their travel experience — whether its in-cabin or below — mirrors the quality of service and comfort also experienced by its passengers.”

“All the decisions we make for the animal while it’s in our care are based on what’s best for that animal,” adds Lisa Schoppa, manager of the Continental Airlines Petsafe Program.

Airlines that take pet travelers seriously make sure a “must love animals” attitude is part of the job description, and ground staff are trained accordingly. It’s not just about careful handling of the animals, but making the experience to board and deplane as stress-free as possible for the pet.

Recently, Midwest Airlines flew me from Los Angeles to Milwaukee’s General Mitchell International Airport for a behind-the-scenes look at how the ground staff are trained to handle “baggage class” pet travelers once they leave the care of their owners.

When I arrived at the Midwest counter, the ground staff immediately produced a goody bag that contained various travel–sized pet toiletries and a carob cookie similar to the chocolate chip cookies that they bake on board for their passengers.

Here is a helpful website and news about pet flight

Here is another site on airline pet rules

Here is the basic information per airline on flight policies. Contact them to get details about temperature and safety precautions!

Airline Cabin – Small Dogs Allowed Checked Bags – Dogs Allowed Some Policies – see more below Reservation Phone number Approx. Fees (These fees do change often)
Alaska Airlines / Horizon Airlines Yes Yes Pets not allowed as Chked Bags during   winter months; Health Cert within 30 days; Not allowed to Hawaii, or in cargo to Reno,NV. 800-252-7522 $100 each way (cabin), $100 each way (cargo)
America West / US Airways Yes Yes The in-cabin weight limit is 20 pounds including the kennel that must be able to fit under the seat. Only 3 pets can be on board at one time, so advance reservations are advised. They are not allowed as cargo on certain International flights. 800-428-4322 $100 each way
Frontier Airlines No Yes Dogs may not be transported in the cabins, and some weather restrictions still apply to some cities as there is a certain amount of waiting time where they must be out in the open. 800-432-1359 $100 each way for small/ medium kennels, $200 each way for larger kennels
Northwest Airlines Yes Yes No pets to Hawaii, or the UK; A 10 day health certificate is required for International Flights; there is no cert required for domestic flights. The weight limit is 15 pounds including the kennel. 800-225-2525 $100 each way (cabin), $175 (cargo)
United Airlines Yes Yes 800-825-3788 to ship unaccompanied pets; Pets must be booked within 7 days of flight; 30 day health certificate; Short nosed dogs not allowed in summer 800-241-6522 $250 each way (cabin), $207 to 1,291 each way (cargo)
American/American Eagle Yes Yes Dogs, including the kennel, can weigh no more than 100 pounds for the cargo area. Dogs are not allowed in the cabin for International flights. Dogs are not allowed to be flown to the UK , and there are no dogs allowed in the cabin on flights to Hawaii . 800-433-7300 $100 each way (cabin), $150 each way (cargo)
Air Canada Yes Yes Pets are again allowed on domestic Canadian/North American flights; Health Cert rqd plus some shots 888-247-2262-US $50 each way (cabin) – $105 each way (cargo) – North America $270 Elsewhere
Continental Yes Yes Live animal desk – 800-575-3335 ; Up to 10 lbs in cabin 800-525-0280 $125 each way (cabin), from $149 – $369 (cargo)
Jet Blue Yes No 4 pets allowed per flight; 20 lbs or less (with kennel) in cabin 800-538-2583 $100 each way (cabin only)
Delta Airlines Yes Yes Only a limited # of pets allowed per flight, so check ahead. There is no cert required for domestic flights. 800-221-1212 $100 each way (cabin), $175 each way domestic $230 each way Int’l (cargo)
Southwest Air Yes No Dogs in cabin must fit in a carrier under the seat. Reservations with pets must be made by phone. 800-IFLY-SWA $75 each way (cabin only)


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  • August 2, 2010 at 11:29 pm

    The Department of Transportation reported that from 2005 to 2009, U.S. airlines killed, injured, or lost 224 dogs. Continental was the worst in that category, responsible for losing, injuring or killing 58 dogs. Delta was next with 43, Alaska Airlines followed with 36, American Airlines had 33 and United, 17.

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