Companies That Abuse Animals 2006

Amway Corp.

Baush & Lomb. ” eye drops ” ect.

BIC Corp.

Bristol Meyers Squibb.

Church and Dwight Co. ( Aim, Arm & Hammer, Arrid, Brillo, Cameo Cleaners, First Response, Nair, Nice n’ Fluffy, Parsons Pear Drops, Rain Drops, Snow Bowl, Trojan Condoms, Xtra Laundry Detergent. )

Clorox: ( Armor all, Brita, Combat, Formula 409, Fresh step, Glad, Handi wipes, Johnny cat, Lestoil, Liquid Plumr, Pine Sol, SOS, Scoop Away, Soft Scrub, Stain out, Tilex, Wash n dry.)

Colgate Palmolive: ( Ajax, dermassage, dynamo, fab, hills pet nutrition, irish spring, mennen products, afta, baby magic, lady speed stick, protein 29, skin bracer, speed stick, murphy’s oil soap, palmolive products, prescription diet, science diet, softsoap.)

Coty: ( Adidas, Davidoff, glow, healing garden, jovan, kenneth cole, lancaster, rimmel, stetson.)

Del Laboratories: ( com silk, lacross, naturistics, new york color, orajel, propa pH, sally hansen.)

Dial Corporation: (20 mule team, borateem, boraxo, breck, cosat dial, pure & natural, purex, renuzit, tone.)

Emo laszio.

Georgia -Pacific.: ( angel soft, brawny paper towels, dixie, green forest, mardi grass, quilte northern toilet paper, soft n gentle, sparkle.)

Gillette.: ( Atra, braun, daisy, duracell, oral b, right guard, sensor, trac II.)

Glaxo smith kline: funds & supports HLS. HLS kills 500 animals each day ( ) ( aquafresh, citrucel, MASSENGILL, NICODERM, NICORETTE, OXY, POLIDENT, POLIGRIP, SENSODYNE.)

Johnson & Johnson.: ( Acuvue, Aveeno, Balmex, Band-aid, carefree, clean & clear, k-y, monistat, o.b, tampoons, rainbath, reach products, stayfree, t-gel.)

Kiwi brands /sara lee.: ( behold, endust, sneaker shampoo, ty-d bowl.)

L’Oreal.: (cacharel, giorgio armani, matrix, Maybelline, Soft sheen, Vichy, Biolage.)

Mead products.

melalueca products.

Oxyfresh Worldwide.

Pfizer.: ( Bengay. desistin, ept early prgnancy test, efferdent, listerine, lubriderm lotion, plax, tucks, VISINE EYE DROPS.)

Plytex Products.: (baby magic, banana boat, bianca, mr bubble, ogilvie, wet ones, woolite carpet & laudry cleaners.)

Procter & Gamble : (alidays, always, aussie products, bold, bounce, bounty paper, camay soap, cascade dishwasher products, charming toilet paper, cheer laundry products, clairol hair products and more, cover girl products, crest toothpaste, dawn, downy, era products, eukanuba pet food, febreeze fabric spray, fixodent, gain detergent and products, giorgio, gleem, head & shoulders, herbal essense, Iams pet food kills cats and dogs testing their products go to www. , infusium23, ivory soap products, joy dishsoap and products,
lasting color, loving care, luvs diapers, max factor, miss clairol, mr. clean products, nice n’ easy, , noxell, noxema, oil of olay, old spice, papmpers, pantene, pert plus, physique, puffs, PUR, ! safeguard, scope, secret, solo, spic n span, sure, swiffer, tampax, Vidal sassoon, vitalist, zest.)

Reckitt- Benckiser.: ( Air wick, Boyle midway, calgoon, easy off, electrasol, jet- dry, lime -a-way, lysol, mop n glo, o’cedar, old elglish, oxyclean, resolve, spray’n wash, veet, woolite fine fabric wash.)

Sc Johnson & sons.: ( drano, edge, fantastik, glade, grab it, off buf spray, oust, pledge, raid, saran wrap, scrubbing bubbles, shout, skinmate, vanish, windex, ziplock products.)

Schering-plough.: ( Bainde soleil, coppertone, dr, scholf’s, lotrim, solarcaine, tinactin,.)

Schwarzkopf & dep.: ( Afree, dep, fa body washes, la looks, lavoris, lilt, porcleana, topol toothpaste,.)

Solar Cosmetics Labs.

3M.: . ( o-cel-o, post it notes, scotch & scotch brite products, cotch guard products, thinsulate.)

Unilever.: ( All detergent, Axe, Brut Products, Calvin Clein Products, Caress, Chloe, Degree, Dove products, Final touch, Finesse, Largerfield fragances, lever 2000, lifebuoy, lux, nautica fragances, ponds, q-tips, saloon selectives, snuggle, suave, sunlight, thermasilk, Vaseline, Wisk.)

Zotos International Inc. Allergan, Inc.

Arm & hammer.

Benkiser ( coty, Lancaster,jovan,)

Beiersdorf, Inc. (Nivea, Eucerin, Basis.)

Block Drug Co, Inc ( Polident, Sensodyne, Tegrin, Lava, Carpet Fresh.)

Boyle-Midway (Reckitt & Colman.)

Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. ( Clairol, Ban-roll, Keri, Final net.)

Calvin klein Cosmetics. ( a division of unilever <~ assholes.)

Carter-Wallace.( Arrid, Ladys Choice, Nair, Pearl drops.)

Chesebrough-Ponds. ( Faberge, Cutex, Vaseline,)

Church & Dwight (Arm & Hammer.)

Clairol. Inc. ( Bristol Myers Squibb.)


Cover girl.

Dana Perfumes. ( Alyssa and Ashley)

Del Laboratories.(Flame Glow, Commerce Drug, Sally Hansen,)

Dial Corporation.( Purex, Renuzit.)

Dow Brands.

Drackett Products Co.


Erno Laszlo.

Gillete Company.

Givaudan- Roure.

Helene Curtis Companies.

Jhirmack.( Playtex.)

Johnson & Johnson.

Kimberly & Clark corp.



L & F Products.

Lever Brothers.( Unilever)



Max Factor. ( Procter & Gamble.)


Melaleuca Inc.

Mennen Co. ( Colgate & Palmolive.)

Murphy- Phoenix Co. ( Colgate and Palmolive.)

Neoteric Cosmetics.

Neutrogena Corp.

Neutron Industries, Inc

Nivea (Beiersdorf)

Noxell. ( Procter & Gamble)

Olay Co. / Oil of Olay (Procter & Gamble)


Parfums International.( white shoulders.)


Playtex Products, Inc. ( Banana Boat, Woolite, Jhirmack.)

Ralph Lauren Fragrances.

Reckitt & Colman.

Richardson-Vicks <~ Vicks Products.

Sally Hansen ( Del Laboratories.)

Sanofi – Yves Saint Laurent.

Schering-Plough (Coppertone.)

Shiseid Cosmetics.

S.C Johnson Wax.( Pledge, Drano, Windex, Glade products.)

SmithKline Beecham.

Soft Soap Enterprises.

Sun Star.

3M Products.

Vidal Sassoon.

Warner-Lambert (Lubriderm, Listerine)

Westwood Pharmaceuticals

Pet Food Brands To Boycott

* IAMS / Eukanuba

owned by Procter & Gamble

* Hills Science Diet

owned by Colgate Palmolive

* Alpo, Bonio, Felix, Go Cat, Gourmet, Omega Complete, Proplan, Spillers, Vital Balance, Winalot, Meow Mix.

owned by Nestl Purina/Friskies

* Bounce, Cesar, Chappie, Frolic, James Wellbeloved, Katkins, Kitekat, Pal, Pedigree Chum, Royal Canin, Sheba, Techni-cal (US & Canada), Whiskas.Thomas rabbit food and Trill bird food

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  • Noel
    October 23, 2010 at 4:28 pm

    just sad,thanks for posting this I will never use these companies.

  • Tanya
    January 16, 2011 at 5:29 am

    I hope these companies go out of business, I for one will never use them again.

  • Hound
    May 25, 2011 at 5:09 pm

    Dang, great post. I am boycotting a lot of China now.

  • vanessa
    November 18, 2011 at 2:50 am

    that’s a lot of brutal companies.what’s wrong with these people?

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