Friday , 20 October 2017

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Japan, please do the right thing.

Japan, please do the right thing.

In the last 5 years Japan has dumped millions of gallons of toxic waste into the oceans. This is horrible but obviously not on purpose, still I don’t see them doing anything to make it right. I know we have dumped oil several times a=but truthfully nothing has compared to this. And the people here do not agree with the ... Read More »


Japan is slowly becoming the most hated country in the world. Between dumping billions of gallons of toxic waste and now still slaughtering hundreds of innocent Dolphins. You have to wonder if the Horrible events on that country are simply Karma. CALL TO ACTION: WAKE UP JAPAN!   A MEGA POD OF DOLPHINS WERE DRIVEN INTO THE INFAMOUS COVE IN ... Read More »

Pandas After The Earthquake

The earthquake was right in the area where giant pandas live. Most pandas in this area were rescued. The photos were taken right after earthquake, order all the pandas were released back into the wild and it was noted that all of the bears stayed together. Read More »

Japanese Officials Apologize for Taking Whale Meat Gifts

The Fisheries Agency of Japan has been forced to apologize for the misconduct of five officials who accepted gifts of whale meat totaling about US$3,000 from Kyodo Senpaku. This for-profit company conducts the collection, processing and wholesale selling of whale specimens and meat from Japan’s annual “research” whale hunt, which is conducted by the Institute of Cetacean Research, a privately-owned, ... Read More »