Thursday , 12 October 2017

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Japan, please do the right thing.

Japan, please do the right thing.

In the last 5 years Japan has dumped millions of gallons of toxic waste into the oceans. This is horrible but obviously not on purpose, still I don’t see them doing anything to make it right. I know we have dumped oil several times a=but truthfully nothing has compared to this. And the people here do not agree with the ... Read More »

Death in dolphins: do they understand they are mortal?

REPORTS of dolphins interacting with dead members of their pod are raising questions about whether cetaceans understand the concept of death. Bottlenose dolphins in western Greece have been seen reacting to death differently depending on whether a pod member has died suddenly or after a longer period of illness, New Scientist has learned. Interpreting animal behaviour after the death of ... Read More »

Dolphins in the mirror

Most animals upon seeing themselves in a mirror think the image is another of their kind. Dolphins are among only three or four species besides man who actually recognize their own reflection. Watch the video on CNN Read More »