Sunday , 19 November 2017

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Want to stay healthy, get a dog!

Want to stay healthy? Get a dog! It goes without saying that there a plenty of benefits to owning a dog. But did you know that a dog could make you healthier? Well, click there is an increasing amount of research which seems to suggest that is the case. For anyone that has owned a young pup, and knows only ... Read More »

Fiona Apple postpones tour for pup

Fiona Apple’s recent decision to postpone her South American tour to stay home with her elderly and ailing dog may have caused some upset among her fans, but she’s won a whole pack of new ones who thoroughly support and understand that decision all too well. I am one of them. Mordred told us when it was time for him ... Read More »

Couple, war veterans give new life to rescued wolf dogs

About 100 miles north of Los Angeles, 19 wolf dogs from Alaska are learning how to walk and run, without being tethered to a post. “They all have a little bit of a limp, walking up and down the hillside,” said Dr. Lorin Lindner, who runs the Lockwood Valley Animal Rescue Center. “They are walking on different terrains, walking on ... Read More »

Miracle Dog Survives Tornado & Crawls Home On 2 Broken Legs

The news footage of the Joplin, Missouri, tornado has been heartbreaking. I can’t even bring myself to watch the stories of pet owners desperately searching through the wreckage for their lost animals. It’s just too sad. But I’m feeling hopeful again, thanks to this story about a dog from Alabama. Mason, a terrier, disappeared in a twister last month, only ... Read More »

Dog and Dolphin Friends

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