Monday , 6 November 2017


Animal rights for the win!

ALOP and PETA has a lot to celebrate this year: Ringling Bros. paid the largest fine in circus history for violations of the Animal Welfare Act, the Environmental Protection Agency adopted modern replacements for animal tests, businesses got rid of cruel glue traps, and advertising agencies pledged never to use great apes in their ads. We've rounded up the highlights ... Read More »

Deformed puppy, rescued from trash, learns to walk

Sometimes the only humane thing to do is to put a dog to sleep. Just three weeks ago, more about Erica Daniel steeled herself to take that difficult step with Harper, remedy a small puppy in her care. Daniel, pharm 26, fosters dogs that need serious help, and Harper had come to her in the most desperate of circumstances. On ... Read More »

New species of dolphin discovered off Australia

Australian researchers have discovered a new species of dolphin living right under their, uh, bottlenoses. A population of 100 dolphins in Port Phillip Bay and 50 in the Gippsland Lakes on Australia’s southern coast have been proven to be genetically unique from dolphins anywhere else in the world,  Monash University doctoral researcher Kate Charlton-Robb said in a university release. “We’re ... Read More »

Death in dolphins: do they understand they are mortal?

REPORTS of dolphins interacting with dead members of their pod are raising questions about whether cetaceans understand the concept of death. Bottlenose dolphins in western Greece have been seen reacting to death differently depending on whether a pod member has died suddenly or after a longer period of illness, New Scientist has learned. Interpreting animal behaviour after the death of ... Read More »

11 Animal Species that are About to Go Extinct

Some endangered species get all the attention. Polar bears, pandas, and Siberian tigers are hotshots in mainstream conservation campaigns and are featured in various commercials, complete with melodramatic music and emotional appeals. But there are many animal species that are just as close or closer to extinction than these select few. And many of them are equally cute. The following ... Read More »