Tuesday , 7 November 2017


Hunting Integrity

First of all we believe hunting is simply not needed anymore. The food chain for humans has evolved past that now. We can get more healthy and better tasting food without it being from killing an animal. In fact more people die, click get fat, and sick, from bad animal meat then any protein based vegetarian and synthetic mix. Both ... Read More »

International Tiger Day

International Tiger Day, sickness also known as Global Tiger Day, is an annual celebration to raise awareness for tiger conservation, held annually on 29 July. It was created in 2010 at the Saint Petersburg Tiger Summit. The goal of the day is to promote a global system for protecting the natural habitats of tigers and to raise public awareness and ... Read More »

Great article on Animal emotions

Sorry we have been really busy working on last chance ranches and some personal stuff but we are back now and will get some great new stuff for you. For now enjoy this great article I found on Facebook this week. http://www.buzzfeed.com/expresident/stories-that-prove-animals-have-souls Read More »

2,300 birds found dead along Chilean beaches

Chilean officials are asking fishermen to help save birds caught in nets after thousands of dead fowl appeared along coastal Chile this week. At least 2,300 dead birds were found along beaches between Cartagena and Playa de Santo Domingo, Chile, said Jose Luis Britos, and environment professor and director of the Museum of Natural History of San Antonio, Chile. Many ... Read More »

Mystery animal and fish deaths in PERU

Authorities in Peru are investigating the death of over 538 pelicans, along with other birds, on the northern coast of the country, the Peruvian ministry of production said Sunday. The new environmental investigation comes on the heels of an incident earlier in April when 877 dolphins washed up dead on the same stretch of coast. It was not immediately clear ... Read More »