Sunday , 25 June 2017


Tens things you should know about SeaWorld

Some Orcas Were Kidnapped and Sent to SeaWorld Orcas that were at SeaWorld before 1972 were likely kidnapped from their ocean homes. For example, Tilikum, a 32-year-old orca, was captured at the age of 2 by a marine “cowboy.” Tilikum wasn’t taken from his natural environment because he was injured—instead, he was torn away from his family against his will ... Read More »

Want to stay healthy, get a dog!

Want to stay healthy? Get a dog! It goes without saying that there a plenty of benefits to owning a dog. But did you know that a dog could make you healthier? Well, click there is an increasing amount of research which seems to suggest that is the case. For anyone that has owned a young pup, and knows only ... Read More »


It’s true, we are all helpless to stop this. It will be like this until a law is enforced by the people who run the world. Citizens will never have a say or the power to stop it. We can only convince the governments to take action. I would focus all your energy on contacting the president and initiating protests ... Read More »

Do not buy Ivory!

Do not buy Ivory! Elephants are being poached in Africa left for dead only to steal their tusks. Inside Cameroon’s Lobeke National Park a team of animal helpers go into the rainforest, weaving their way through the bush’s narrow paths. Tasked with patrolling the immense park, these eco-guards are on a mission to protect its pristine habitat and the life ... Read More »

Hero dog in Chili saves friend from major highway

What an amazing story of a super smart and compsionate dog risking his or her life to save his fellow feline friend. Not only is it amazing how smart the dog is to be able to drag his friend but the bond is above the level of most humans. Would you do this, mind in perspective? Just amazing, touching, and ... Read More »