Monday , 6 November 2017


Jr. Texas Taffy Pet Treats Recalled

Merrick Pet Care, troche Inc. of Amarillo, seek Texas is recalling the Jr. Texas Taffy pet treat (ITEM # 27077, UPC # 02280827077, All Lots up to and including 10364) because they have the potential to be contaminated withSalmonella.  Merrick Pet Care has made the decision to recall all Jr. Texas Taffy pet treats in the abundance of caution. Salmonella ... Read More »

Pet food recall expands to Eukanuba, more Iams

Remember the Iams recall Unleashed told you about last week? Well, it’s expanded to included more varieties of Iams and some Eukanuba. Here’s the release: The Procter & Gamble Company is voluntarily expanding its recall to include veterinary and some specialized dry pet food as a precautionary measure because it has the potential to be contaminated with salmonella.  No salmonella-related ... Read More »

Feeding Your Dog Raw Eggs

In recent years, this this has definitely become a question that all dog owners ask. Since raw food diets for dogs have become more and more popular, treat more dog owners are looking to see what kind of raw foods they can give their dogs in order to keep them healthy from the inside out. However, raw feeding is definitely ... Read More »

The Hump Closed in Santa Monica after admitting sale of Whale Meat

I’m sad to say I have ate there and have said some good things about Hump in Santa Monica. When I heard they where serving whale my gut was wrenched. I only hope someone is convicted or if a immigrant they lose their Visa. In my eyes this is no different then killing a innocent person. Here is the story: ... Read More »

The basics to dog food ingredients

Learning the basics to dog food is a must for all dog owners. Please spend 10 minutes and read this honest and helpful article on the basics to dog food and it’s ingredients. Don’t worry we left the discussing stuff out, this is more about what is good for them to have and not how bad some companies dog food ... Read More »