Monday , 6 November 2017


Surprising Food Favourites for your Dog

Surprising Food Favourites for your Dog

Surprising Food Favourites for your Dog One of the common questions vets and people that deal with animals are asked on a regular basis is whether food ‘x’ is okay for the dog to eat or not. Luckily for dogs and also for us, ailment most canines are able to eat the foods we do and even some of the ... Read More »

Can dogs eat bananas?

Can dogs eat bananas?

I love how we are seeing dogs get more into Vegetarian foods. My dog personally loves carrots even better than some store bought processed meat snacks. It’s also great that they cost about 2 cents a piece. He is also super healthy even after eating some very strange stuff from living all over the world. Now it’s been proven dogs ... Read More »

Dairy sales plummet

As sales of dairy products in the U.S. continue to plummet, PETA is hoping to keep the nasty white stuff off consumers’ shopping lists by re-releasing its ads that parody the “Got Milk?” campaign, with phrases such as “Got Prostate Cancer?,” “Got Veal?,” “Got Zits?,” and “Got Sick Kids?” that highlight the health risks and cruelty to animals associated with ... Read More »

Hunting Integrity

First of all we believe hunting is simply not needed anymore. The food chain for humans has evolved past that now. We can get more healthy and better tasting food without it being from killing an animal. In fact more people die, click get fat, and sick, from bad animal meat then any protein based vegetarian and synthetic mix. Both ... Read More »

Oregon and California sets par for Shark Fin Ban

In maybe the most blatant animal abuse industry that still exist today; Shark Fin soup has taken it’s first major blow as both Oregon and California will prohibit the sale of shark fins in the new year (2012). As you may know this Asian delicacy is just the fin of the shark. To keep up with the demand, the fishers ... Read More »