Monday , 6 November 2017


Rabbits as Easter Gifts

With Easter coming soon, pet stores are stocking up on bunnies to sale. The truth is over 90% of bunnies bought for Easter presents will not see their first birthday. Many of these bunnies are bought on impulse, without knowing all the responsibility a rabbit requires. Not too long after Easter, many of these bunnies are neglected or taken to ... Read More »

Dairy sales plummet

As sales of dairy products in the U.S. continue to plummet, PETA is hoping to keep the nasty white stuff off consumers’ shopping lists by re-releasing its ads that parody the “Got Milk?” campaign, with phrases such as “Got Prostate Cancer?,” “Got Veal?,” “Got Zits?,” and “Got Sick Kids?” that highlight the health risks and cruelty to animals associated with ... Read More »

Hunting Integrity

First of all we believe hunting is simply not needed anymore. The food chain for humans has evolved past that now. We can get more healthy and better tasting food without it being from killing an animal. In fact more people die, click get fat, and sick, from bad animal meat then any protein based vegetarian and synthetic mix. Both ... Read More »

10 minutes to help save millions of animals

Please sign and share these 6 petitions against animal trapping – which causes pain, pharmacy suffering and death 1- 2- 3- 4- 5- 6- Read More »

Loews hotel kicks out feral cats with no regard.

A week ago, Loews Hotels at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida, sparked the outrage of cat lovers everywhere by announcing (more like burying a comment in a two-month-old Facebook post) that they had decided to trap and remove their managed feral cat colonies. The day the news broke, my fellow Catster writer, Dorian Wagner, formed a Facebook page called Save ... Read More »