Friday , 15 December 2017

Animal Rights

Top animal rights Facebook pages

Top animal rights Facebook pages

There is hundreds of Animal Rights Facebook pages, I follow at least 50 myself. The issue is some of them are more graphic then others and some don’t update much. We put a list together of some of our favorite ones. We did 2 categories, the first is nicer pages and the second might be more graphic. Nicer Facebook animal ... Read More »

Canned Hunting

Canned Hunting

A canned hunt is trophy hunting in typically Africa where the animal is trapped. It’s by far the worst form of hunting and beyond sad the fear and confusion the animal has before it’s killed. Canned Hunting is also going on all over the world, you can see endless Canned Hunting petitions at The good news today is that ... Read More »


Over 1000 polar bears are slaughtered every year for “trophies” by people like this _____! Sign Petition: — with Waltraud DeGuck. Read More »


Japan is slowly becoming the most hated country in the world. Between dumping billions of gallons of toxic waste and now still slaughtering hundreds of innocent Dolphins. You have to wonder if the Horrible events on that country are simply Karma. CALL TO ACTION: WAKE UP JAPAN!   A MEGA POD OF DOLPHINS WERE DRIVEN INTO THE INFAMOUS COVE IN ... Read More »

Trophy hunter celebrity hits an all time low in humanity.

Trophy hunter and U.S. television host Melissa Bachman ignited controversy this week after posting a picture showing her posing over a dead lion she had slain in South Africa earlier this month. “An incredible day hunting in South Africa! Stalked inside 60-yards on this beautiful male lion…what a hunt!” she tweeted from her now deleted account, pharmacy attaching a picture ... Read More »