Monday , 6 November 2017

Animal Rights

Animals Also Killed & Abused In China!

With all of the talk about China’s poor human rights and limited freedoms for their people, the topic of how horrid their animal rights are has been lost in the mix. China has a horrible record of animal rights, with no laws protecting small animals which are often skinned alive for their fur and meat. Recently China has ordered dog ... Read More »

When Human Rights Extend to APES

If you caught your son burning ants with a magnifying glass, sick would it bother you less than if you found him torturing a mouse with a soldering iron? How about a snake? How about his sister? Does Khalid Shaikh Mohammed — the Guantánamo detainee who claims he personally beheaded the reporter Daniel Pearl — deserve the rights he denied ... Read More »

Dolphin disaster: Why we must learn from this before it’s too late

They died just as they had lived – following their natural instincts to stick together. Up the muddy river, running inland from Falmouth, the dolphins swam, responding to the distress calls of their fellow animals. By the time they realised the shallow waters were as much of a snare as any fisherman’s net, it was too late for many of ... Read More »

Companies That Abuse Animals 2006

Companies That Abuse Animals 2006

Amway Corp. Baush & Lomb. ” eye drops ” ect. BIC Corp. Bristol Meyers Squibb. Church and Dwight Co. ( Aim, Arm & Hammer, Arrid, Brillo, Cameo Cleaners, First Response, Nair, Nice n’ Fluffy, Parsons Pear Drops, Rain Drops, Snow Bowl, Trojan Condoms, Xtra Laundry Detergent. ) Clorox: ( Armor all, Brita, Combat, Formula 409, Fresh step, Glad, Handi wipes, ... Read More »