Monday , 6 November 2017

Animal Rights

Lipton Tea still testing on animals.

Here’s a little surprise about a seemingly innocent product, your everyday cup of tea: some of the world’s biggest tea manufacturers engage in some pretty cruel animal testing. According to PETA, Lipton has been testing tea on animals so that it can make health claims about its products, despite that such tests are not sufficient to meet regulation standards for ... Read More »

Micheal Vicks post Football press

The Eagles’ magic ran out Sunday. After living on fourth-quarter comebacks in the second half of the season – including a memorable 21-point rally to beat the New York Giants in what proved to be the high point and final victory of the campaign – the Eagles came up short in a final come-from-behind bid, ending their season with a ... Read More »

India to establish more Tiger reserves

India’s National Tiger Conservation Authority has granted approval “in-principle” for four tiger reserves across the country and has requested proposals for four additional reserves to protect the endangered big cats. Jairam Ramesh, minister for environment and forests, confirmed the four reserves and the request for proposals in a written reply to a question in the upper house of Parliament last ... Read More »

UN OK’s New Biodiversity Science Policy

The United Nations has capped its Biodiversity Year 2010 on a high note by creating a new science policy platform to counsel governments on reversing the steep decline in biodiversity and ecosystem services. The new body, to be known as the Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services, IPBES, was approved by governments in June at a meeting in Busan, ... Read More »

Early Christmas Gift for Dog Saved From Lab

Yes, there is a Santa Claus—at least there is for Sheena, a lovable mutt who was slated to be used in cruel experiments at the University of Utah (the U) but is now safe in a foster home. Sheena’s former guardian, Gayle, reluctantly surrendered the dog to the North Utah Valley Animal Shelter (NUVAS) in hopes of finding her a ... Read More »