Friday , 15 December 2017


Finding a purpose for rejected shelter dogs

When disaster strikes and people are buried in rubble, there’s often no better search tool than a dog’s nose. It’s a valuable asset that has already been utilized several times this year. Trained search dogs, along with their human handlers, have provided help in high-profile disasters such as the Japan earthquake in March and the Joplin, Missouri, tornado in May. ... Read More »

Death in dolphins: do they understand they are mortal?

REPORTS of dolphins interacting with dead members of their pod are raising questions about whether cetaceans understand the concept of death. Bottlenose dolphins in western Greece have been seen reacting to death differently depending on whether a pod member has died suddenly or after a longer period of illness, New Scientist has learned. Interpreting animal behaviour after the death of ... Read More »

It’s going to be alright

Here is a great picture sent to us with some guys dog trying to help him feel better. Thanks kind dog, vcialis 40mg we salute you. Read More »

Pets During Hurricane Irene

Please contact PETA for animal help,t hey have people standing by in most counties. Animal experts who have been in the rescue trenches during prior hurricanes urge pet owners to follow a number of guidelines, especially now that Hurricane Irene is moving into populated areas of the U.S. East Coast. The statistics in the wake of hurricanes like Irene are ... Read More »

Vicktory Dogs

Thank for the letter Helen, still to this day I do not forgive Michael Vick. Even worse I can’t believe Sony gave him a contract. This means Sony knows that society is becoming more desensitized from violence and supporting a degenerate appeals to the other degenerates that waste their money on cheesy shoe promos. Michael Vick is a Sad person ... Read More »