Sunday , 25 June 2017

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New friends

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Dog vs Mantis

We would like to think that no one got hurt and they both realized fighting was dumb. Read More »

Michael Vick to work with Humane Society on its campaign against dogfighting

“It’s a happy day for him to be starting this part of the process,” Larry Woodward, an attorney for Michael Vick, said of the disgraced football star’s release from Leavenworth prison this morning.  Vick will return to his home in Hampton, Va., where he’ll serve the remaining two months of his 23-month sentence for dogfighting. His release today is not ... Read More »

Stop feeding your cat!

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PETA to Protest Charlottesville McDonald’s

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals plan to protest McDonald’s in Charlottesville this Monday as part of their “McCruelty” campaign. Mc Crualty time line *  1997: Following the McLibel verdict, PETA writes to McDonald’s asking the company to take steps to alleviate the suffering of animals killed for its restaurants. * October 1999: PETA launches its McCruelty campaign ... Read More »