Thursday , 12 October 2017
Benefits of Using Dog Playpen

Benefits of Using Dog Playpen

What is a playpen?

A dog playpen as the name suggests, is a crate like space for your dog or pet to play safely. It is similar to the play pen for the children. It provides confinement to your dog or pet and allows you to keep in supervision whether you are at home or outside.

Features and types of playpens

Playpens are made of portable fences and provide sufficient space for your pet to play around in. They are made of different materials like metal, plastic wire, or newer popup variety that can be similar as the soft dog crates. According to your dog size you can choose the size of the playpen available in the market.

Playpens are generally designed for two purposes- for indoor and for outdoor uses. For outdoor use playpens are made from sturdy materials like metal wire or plastic wire.

Most of the playpens allow enough space for easy accommodation of food, water, toys and comfortable bed for your dog/pet.

On the other hand indoor playpens are usually made of plastic or soft sides so that you can easily fold and store it.

Some indoor and outdoor playpens allow you the opportunity of joining of additional panels so that you can easily make larger area for your pet.


As a dog owner you should always consider the peace both of you and your pet. And having a best dog playpen ensures the safety and peace of your pet both inside and outside.

As a new pet owner having a playpen will ease your job to train up your pet in a confined area.

If you want to keep your pet away from guests, children or other pets, then it will be a great solution for you.

A playpen allows your dog or pet enough space for play and exercise in confinement instead of running in the yard around. The outdoor playpens are easy to carry, so that you can easily keep them with you while travelling.

The enclosed area of the playpen will be a great tool for your dog/pet for quick recovery after illness.


One of the drawbacks of the playpen is most of the playpens are made of lightweight materials, which is not readily suitable for large size dogs.

Playpens generally do not contain floor. Your pet may leak accidently. To avoid this type of accident you should be careful and use absorbent pad on the playpen.

Few dogs/pet may be particularly active. Sometimes, they may climb over the playpen. To avoid this type of accident you should use playpen cover.

Most of the playpens are made of soft materials. If you pet loves to chew then you should go for a playpen that is made with sturdy materials.

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