Wednesday , 25 October 2017
Tips for bringing your kitten home

Tips for bringing your kitten home

Getting a new kitten is exciting, I mean they might be the cutest thing on the planet right. You have done all the bread research and visits and now you finally found your new addition to your home and they are getting it ready to be handed over. Try not to go too crazy, there is some more stuff that you need know before taking your new friend and companion into your domain. Keep in mind the kitten will be scared and hide, that is normal. Your goal is to simply have it feel safe and happy.

We put together some helpful information to help your kitten transition to it’s new home nicely.

  1. Give it a couple months first with it’s mother. Cats are not really clingy after they get a couple months under the belt. But in the first two months, they really need that nurturement from the mom to help get them ready for the world.
  2. Keep your home a nice temperature. You may of noticed that cats are a little primadonna, don’t take it personal it’s in the DNA. They used to rule the jungle at one time. As all princes and princesses they like their luxury. A soft place to lay and a moderate temperature will really helpful for them to feel comfortable.
  3. Get a scratching post. Cats love to claw stuff, if they don’t have something for it they will use your furniture! Before you grab that kitten make sure and get a nice scratching post for them to do their thing.
  4. Give it some space. Everyone is going to want to hold your new found friend but he is scared and not sure who to trust. For the first couple days keep him around one or two people and let him adjust to the house. Then you can let everyone give the kitten a good hug.
  5. Watch out for cords. Kittens love cords! If you have outlet bars try to hid them a little or cover them up. It’s really rare they can get electrocuted, but they will try to bite the cords. That small chance they can get through could if successful really cause a scare.
  6. Choose a safe room. Your cat will find safe spots it likes to go to well.. to feel safe. I would suggest setting up camp in your bedroom at first and then introduce the kitten around the house later. He will stop hiding as much one the kitten feels safer. Most kitten will spend hours under the bed, don’t worry.
  7. Never leave a dog alone with your cat. Even if you have the sweetest dog on the planet it will still scare your new kitten. It’s better to give the kitten time in the house before you start their friendship. And most important always watch to make sure the new kitten or dog is not in attack mode. If they are, split them up right away.
  8. Make sure and do a checkup. A trip to a good Veterinarian within a couple months of bringing the kitten home is very important. This will not only help you identify any issues right away but will give you piece of mind to enjoy your kitten. They pick up on our energy so your happiness will help their happiness.

Kittens are pretty self sufficient, just keep in mind they have a lot of energy. Leaving them alone without any toys or things to do can make them a little stir crazy. If possible have a friend watch them if you have to leave for more then five hours for the first week. A tall climbing post with tunnels and rooms are great. the scratching post, balls that are bigger than they can possibly eat, and other safe interactive toys can really help him not get bored in the kittens new home.