Thursday , 12 October 2017
The inevitable spawn of ignorant phsyco hunters has finally arrived.

The inevitable spawn of ignorant phsyco hunters has finally arrived.

It was only a matter of time after generations breading generations of sick game hunters that we would have kids that would take their sickness to the next level. After all, I can only guess how many generations of hunters created this spawn of Satan, Kendall Jones has taken the offensiveness of killing for fun to the highest level.

The to make things worse some people this it is because SOME of the animals are not in the endangered species list. Little missy, if more people where as sick and ignorant as you then all animals would be endangered.

Or should we say kill stray kittens (hmm) they are not endangered and kill mice, maybe we should roam the back streets of Taco Bell and slay them for their weakness! I mean they are just animals and deserve to die when we say (heavy sarcasm by the way). Just because a Lion, Elephant, or Rhino is healthy and living out of our environment, that does not make it o.k. to box them in and kill them.

We should not be killing animals for fun for any reason.

I think the most shocking part is not her, after all.. really sick dumb people pop up, it’s just a result of the high number and bad breeding of generations of stupidity (the idiocracy theory). But to have 150k people like her page on Facebook is a┬ádefinite sign of the growing sickness and violence ignorant people are breeding in the US.

We wonder why killing are on the rise, rape is happening more than ever, it all roots back to bad parents not teaching compassion and love. Instead parents are breading hate and violence.

There will be a day if not now when you will have a top choose a side for evil or good, we just hope you choose with your heart and not your ability to get likes from your Facebook account.

Here is the petition for removing her from Facebook: Remove Kendall Jones

Here is the Facebook page you can request to have removed: Kendall Facebook Removal (Just click the report page next ot the three dots)

There is also new reports ANON is getting involved to stop this tyrant. This could turn into a heads up battle from ANON and Facebook. Of course this is just a rumor.

PETA needless to say is outraged and taking action.

My side note.
It just kills me to know people like this exist and that animals that are just trying to live a life in their environments are living in fear of being hunted for fun by horrid people. These animals have feelings and love, hate, just like us. Could you imagine if we where hunted by a┬ásuperior species that had better technology and strength. The they would kill us and take pictures of our dead bodies. Just because animals do not speak does not mean they don’t communicate, just because they do not love like us does not mean they love. We need to protect these animals from bad people. It is our job as strong, honorable, good people.

Thanks for reading,
Charles Yarbrough

Just twisted and sad.

It pains me even more to show these pictures but we need the world to know just how sick children has become so we can try to stop this before it gets common.




  1. Little Mountain George

    What a moronic web site. By the way, rabbits are delicious.

  2. The People's Champion

    so was your mom last night.. and your point is?

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