Tuesday , 7 November 2017
New dog owners

New dog owners

We found a great new resource for information on being a new dog owner. It points out some of the things we should all consider before adopting our new life long friend. Things like; if you are moving soon, how hot it is for the breed, what size dog is safe for your family, do they have access to the outdoors, and how are they going to be trained. It’s very important to start training your dog right away or the dog will have bad habits like chewing things and barking his whole life.

All of these and many more details on what to look out for when becoming a new dog owner can be found at the site.

The site started with some people just like you looking for fast information before they got a new dog and realized there was a need to make this information easy to access for all new dog owners.

They are now happy dog owners and have a great site to get information about owning a new dog.

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